Facing problem with Bolt wifi module

Am facing problem with development board as when am switching on my power supply through usb cable, blue led is not even lit. I have made hardware connections before and it was working perfectly but today it’s not even turning on. I have check all possible conditions for turning it on… Changing USB cable, loose connections, still not working. I have also sent mail to support@boltiot.com for the same. Hence whether my bolt wifi module will get replaced or not! Below i have attached link of video of my bolt wifi module not working.


@prajapatimausam2k. Hii Prajapati mausam,I have come across the issue that you have posted.so what I would like to suggest you is once again remove the connections and try with another usb and make sure you have connected with Bolt in correct manner.Though the issue is not resolved then you may contact the instructor.

Yes i have tried that too, but still not working. Thanks for suggesting solution.

Hi @prajapatimausam2k,

If its under warranty, then we will arrange the replacement for your Bolt kit. I am sharing the same details with our operation team and you will receive the replacement within 5-6 working days.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@rahul.singh1 sir, I have posted a query on the forum. But till now no one has even responded, I need your immediate attention to that.

[Response of analogWrite Function]

Please reply so that I can continue my learning experience

Yes its under warranty. Thank you sir for the solution.