Facing WiFi network issue

Sir i am facing the problem that boltiot is not connecting to my WiFi cellular network that is 2.5 GHZ .but in my mobile it is also showing that my mobile has the capacity of 5 GHZ .But where is the problem .could you please tell me and also the solution to this problem.then i will access my training

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Hello @vardhinikadirisani
for your Android devices, you could go to the Settings App. In Settings, locate the Portable Hotspot setting. In the Portable Hotspot settings, tap on Set Up Portable Hotspot. Here, tap on AP Band, and select 2.4 GHz. This should do the job. Then try to connect the Bolt Wi-Fi module to this 2.4 GHz hotspot
Hope this information is useful for you.

But in my mobile there is already 2.4 GHZ .But it is not accepting the request

Please remove your connection and try all steps again.
Hope this help you.