Feedback regarding BOLT IOT

I am a grade 9 student. I started the course very enthusiastically and gave 5-6 hours every day to understand each and every concept.

Within a time span of 15 days, I was able to complete 97% of my internship. However, I have no prior knowledge of IOT and I struggled to finalise the project. I really needed this certification and I gave it my best. I want to study abroad and such courses are very valuable for my profile. I tried to reach out to the team and I asked my parents to seek help by calling the number provided. However, I was disheartened.

Sadly, I had to leave the course but I feel very disappointed. I wanted to suggest that there should be some support for beginners like me who have no help at home or no tuition teachers to go to. The course also could be for older children, which is why I struggled.

I would not recommend this course to my peer group even though the course is interesting. It is a bit high level for my age group.


Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback regarding the course. We appreciate your dedication and effort in dedicating several hours each day to grasp the concepts.

It’s important to us that you have a positive learning experience. We want to assure you that we are here to help you with any challenges you face, including the project. Could you please provide more details about the specific issues you encountered during the project? We’re more than willing to assist you in overcoming these challenges and making sure you grasp the concepts effectively. Please feel free to share any further concerns or questions you may have.

I am pursing my Btech in Electrical and electronic engineering . And we recently learn about microprocessor and microcontroller , and more about sensors . This BOLT IOT program help me a lot during my academic course.

I am sure but I am in grade 9. Also most of us are replying coz we want to take 2 screenshots which carry 8 marks for the final submission needed for the certification.


Could you please provide more details or rephrase your question?

Regarding the final project required for certification, you are correct. It’s essential to utilize the concepts you’ve learned in the IoT and ML training and create a project on the Bolt Cloud. For more information on the project submission process, you can refer to this link - Instructions for the project and forum questions | Bolt IoT
Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions or need further guidance.