Final Certification Test

I just saw the Final Certification Course structure. We will be provided with 38 MCQ’s and we have to submit the project too.
So can anyone tell me in total what is the weightage of the whole test? Is it 30 marks (for project) + 38 marks (for MCQ) or is it different!

And please do tell the duration of the test?

Hello @vishalvats2000,
The test totally consists of 38 questions and these include project link, two boltforum links that you have answered. Remaining 35 questions are mcqs. Project carries 22. Each bolt forum link carries 4. Each Mcq carry 2 marks. Finally it is graded for 100 marks. Duration of the test is 45 min.

Thanks @saimukesh139.

Does the 35 questions comes out of the context taught in the training or comes from the topics which were taught in the training!
Are they theoretical or more practicl ones?


All the questions asked are from the training content. So make sure you visit and learn each and every topic carefully.

Thanks for clearing the doubt

Can we ask for hard copy of certificate after completing the test?

No. they will provide us the softcopy of the certificate through mail after the completion of the final exam.

The test consists of 38 questions, 35 MCQs and 3 links- 2 for forum question and 1 project link.
Each MCQ question carries 2 marks each, project carries 22 marks, and forum questions carry 8 marks in total. Thus, the total comes out to be 100.
The test duration is 45 minutes.