Final Exam Details

1.  I the Final Exam (i.e. the MCQ)  we need to give link to the project we made
I have a doubt regarding what kind of project do we need to make

A. Can we implement a project on 
 B. we need to submit project of our own[A new project not done by anyone else]


2. Regarding the certificate that we get after completing the Final Exam Will it be a Internship Certificate Or a course Completion Certificate.

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Hi there!

  • You need to do capstone project which is already mentioned in training section right before certificate test portion in which you have to make PDF document with all photos and screenshots & submit it by emailing with the subject line “Capstone Project Submission”.
  • The certificate will be given to you for the Course Completion not for the internship unless you have not filled the details for internship and you are not selected for the same.


what about this project…???

will this be enough for the certification exam
or we need to do other project too for the exam …???

@MOHIT_123 You will need to create a project on and submit the link when asked for it on the certification exam.
This will be the certificate of completion of the training and not the internship.

Can I submit my capstone project on and submit the link of the project in final exam …???

And you have to shoot video and share it’s link in exam as well.

can i submit other than capstone project or not??

@63spsingh Yes, you can do any project as long as it uses the Bolt hardware module.

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Can I do temperature monitoring system for final project, I have already done documentation process, is this project okay