Final exam results

Sir I have done project and forum questions correctly, but them didn’t gave marks to my project and forum questions,i.e.not graded yet please help me, what is my mistake
,yesterday day I gave exam I got 47 percent, I’m worried about certificate,

Hello sreejavijayagiri, Vaibhav Kumar Sinha here, did you copied your project from somewhere or taken the same idea? like i am not saying in that way,So don’t get me wrong just asking as they might find the same project so Plagiarization will fetch you ZERO marks. You will need to create the project content yourself as they check the originality and content as well.

and if you haven’t then no need to be worried ,as you will get your respective marks if you have done with your work properly and followed the instruction given.The marks will be added and if it’s 50% or more you are eligible for the same.

No I didn’t polarized the concept, I wrote the exam yesterday night so that I could able to see only score of chooses, Does it take some time to grade project and forum questions ?How long it will take to get total final results?

Yeah it will take 6-7 days as they will check every bit of things then they will put marks accordingly.,after that you will be able to see your marks and it’s above 50 point ,you are qualified for the certificates as well.