Final project and certificate exam

i have completed my course, and now want to give certificate exam. I am not able to do the capstone project as my LM35 temperature sensor broke(cant go and purchase as well,due to lockdown). But i have done a project of my own and have uploaded it on . So can i give my certificate exam,or will this effect my grades.

There are weightages assigned to project, exams and queries answered.
The weightage for exam is more. You have to answer 38 questions.
The project carries 22 marks. You have to upload the video of the same. However they have said project on is mandatory(you have to submit the link )but upload the video is not.
And there is 8 marks for the queries you answer posted by people here. You have to share the link of the queries you answered asked by people.
If you score good in the exam and get points for the queries answered, the project part should not affect your grades i feel.Finally you will be graded on how it is, how you have answered.And you need 50% points to get certificate.