Final project [device showing offline]

When I have connected my final project it is showing offline in puTTy, even though both green and blue lights of bolt are glowing. I made another connections and tried it is giving me the values in bolt cloud but showing me offline in puTTy. Can someone please help.smokedeterr

The first output screen seems like you manually added a print statement, which gets triggered if success = 0. So, your device is definitely not offline, don’t worry about that.

Your success = 0, because you hit API rate limit. You have to wait for the displayed time, till then you cannot use the bolt to read or write any data through internet.

For more information -

Next time, make sure to include the time.sleep(10) it will run the loop every 10 seconds. (For free plan)

Now for getting results I should upgrade my free plan to pro plan?

Yes you can do that. You can send 4 API requests per second.

While with free, you are restricted with 1 API request every 3 second.

Okay got it bro… Thank you

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