Final Project for Exam

Is Capstone project optional?
Can i create some other project and upload it on alongwith documentation (not video) and paste that link in exam?
Will this be ok for certification?

Capstone proejct is final prohect which you have to submit to get certificate of IOt and Ml training completion.But it is not mandatory to choose Capstone as a final project you can choose whatever project you want
Upload it on with it’s documentation (it should include proper output images)
After uploading that project you can paste that link in exam.

If i don’t do the capstone project in is it ok @2017.divya.borse instead of that i do something different for final project?

Yes you can choose whatever topic you want

Yes , you can do any project as your final project as long as it uses Bolt module/services.

@krrakshith435 for IoT and ML exam, please only submit a link to project created on . Any other website link will not be accepted.