Final project help

Hello!! I am doing my final project on smoke detection. No errors are detected in the code but I am unable to receive telegram message if the sensor value exceeds threshold. I’ve crosschecked all the values. But still I am not getting an alert message. Can someone please help.


I have 2 queries regarding your code snippets.

  1. Have you put ‘@’ symbol in front of your chat_id? Syntax is supposed to be - ‘@my_telegram_chat
  2. Below print ("This is your Telegram Response") , add print(response.text). This will print the response and let you know of the response from telegram API.

Thanks bro. I got it. And thanks a lot … you helped me a lot in clearing most of my doubts. Thank you very much.

Issue is resolved? Can you mention what was the issue and how you resolved it?

In telegram_bot_id I was confused with l and 1…That’s the mistake I made

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