Final project link issue

I have completed my project in WordPress and submitted as per instructions in the training, but how to get public url so that I can paste it during the exam. I have read previous posts but unable to figure it out.


Use the preview link for the examination. The link would be accessible to the user and the admin only.

Only the best projects are posted on the page, so don’t worry if it shows pending.

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That means it is not required to make a hackster project page right?

Hackster project page is upto you. You can even share a link of the hackster project link for the examination.

As long as the project was done within the timeframe since you got the module, and the project contains the USE of bolt module, you’re good to go.


Thank you @akshayan.sinha for your constant support in the forum

You can connect with me on LinkedIn. You might be of help to me too someday!

Ha ha already connected many days before