Final Project Related


I have a query about the final project which i am thinking to submit .

I am trying to make use of air quality sensor(MQ135) module to be connected to boltIot wifi module to predict future air quality in the area and to send a alert whenever the sensor value goes past the threshold value but i dont know how to interpret the MQ135 sensor value .

I have read many articles and they said we have to calibrate it in NH4 or alcohol medium. I dont have such resources .

Can you help me with this?

@vinayak.joshi I think you have prior experience with the sensor…

please help me i want to know what readings this sensor shows and how to interpret its sensor values.

Hi @kunalgupta2616,

It is only possible to interface the sensor with the Bolt WiFi module using an Arduino as a bridge. Here is a link which explains how to do exactly that.