Final project submission details

Can you explain this point clearly plz, what is the difference between project link and video link,
2)I think it is not mandatory to make the video of the project that I have made using bolt kit
Please reply soon

Ok, I have completed the project submission last year.
The video is optional. If you want, you may upload it on a streaming site and paste the link before appearing for the test.
Publishing your project details on Hackster is compulsory though.
The aim is to provide a thorough explanation of your project. Videos may help but not necessary.

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Thank you.I have few doubdts
After creating PDF file how can I make the link of that file?
In exam should I submit the PDF and video link separately or I should attach this video link in the PDF ?
I should submit the pDF link in only certificate exam or anywhere else like
In the middle of exam they will ask the link of PDF there I should paste or type the link of my project PDF, Iā€™m I correct?

i)create an account at and login
ii)click on create a new project
iii)It will ask you all the details about your project step by step
iv)Fill all those . You can also paste your code and images of your project.
v)At last publish Your project.
vi)Make sure that your project is public and visible to all
vii)copy the url of your project after doing the above steps
viii)It looks like this
ix)while you are writing, it asks you for the place the link there.
Thats it :slight_smile: