Final project submission for getting certificate

Can I submit the same project which are already there in the bolt iot course (for ex. plant monitoring and bit coin alert system). And another thing, what is the process for applying for certificate.

@mishrasaurabhvns123 You can submit that same project, but won’t get high marks for it. Steps for the project submission and the certificate are given at the last lesson in the course.

will I get higher than 50% marks or lesser.

@shoeb.ahmed1 will i get higher than 50% or lesser for submitting same project?

@mishrasaurabhvns123 I cannot say as the final marks are decided by the evaluator. You will need a minimum overall marks of 50% marks to pass and get the certificate.

@shoeb ahmed1 if any one won’t able to get 50% then they will not certificate(you mean to say).