Final Project submission topic

Do I need to create a different project for the final project or else I can submit my capstone project that is project 16?

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You can ANY project as long as it has the bolt module on it. But to be rewarded with good grades, make sure your project has a real-life scenario based on it. You can add additional changes to the already mentioned Project 16 and get better grades.

Hi @akshayan.sinha Can you suggest to me 2projects topic using only the Bolt wifi Module, I am desperate to know as it is becoming difficult for me to think or renovate ideas.

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I cannot really suggest you project ideas but I can guide you with how to come up with ideas.

Very first, keep yourself away from your devices and find the right time of state when your mind is working at its best. Could be while having any meal, or when you wake up from sleep or even when you’re in the shower.

Then, think about your whole day, where you found problems or things that could be automated or informed to you, without your physical presence. It could be anything from the kitchen, or your bed room, or balcony , or even washroom.

Now think of the kind of solution that could be applied to prevent that problem without your presence. Once you do that, search for sensors that apply to that instance.

Make prototypes and keep making trials on fulfilling the solutions. Once, you do that, you’ll have project for yourself.

Its not about forcefully innovating something, you can make small changes in existing projects too. Go to or or and find something that can be controlled/read data without your physical presence in there.