Final project submission

Do we have to provide link of project on or to send project detailed pdf to

Just providing the link of the project on is sufficient. You may also send the link of a video of the project but it is not mandatory to do so. You also have to send a PDF document with all the photos and screenshots of the project to "" unlike other assignments which were just for self understanding and not meant for submission.

Do we have to submit only capstone project??

Capstone project is to be submitted as a PDF to "" as mentioned in the Capstone project details. For the final exam, you have to create a project on and provide the link for the same. It may be any innovative project or the Capstone project itself. Please confirm with any one of the admins.

Capstone project is not compulsory. It’s for self inventory. It depends on you, but it is mandatory to submit Final project as it carries 22 marks.