Final project YouTube video doubt

This is my final project on YouTube

Now I have to upload this video in Bolt IoT’s wordpress site too, Am I right or wrong can anyone tell me?
Because in certificate test I had uploaded only my youtube video link And at the end I got only 58% marks. They have not consider my final project marks that is 22 marks.
If I upload my final project on Bolt IoT’s WordPress site will I get my remaining 22 points?

For the certificate test, you need to upload the detailed project in a text pdf format with the video, only submitting the video is not accepted.
you need to upload the project on Bolt cloud and submit the link of your project in the test
The test was accessible only once, you cannot reappear for the test.
After submitting the test any changes will not be accepted.

For certificate test, we need to submit project on the given link in the course and link to video is not compulsory but can add that too while submitting project. And cannot do changes once the test is taken.

@Harsh What email ID did you use to attempt the test? It may be that the examiner has not yet graded your result or you may not have received the email with the updated certificate.

Hey @Harsh to claim your final project marks you not only need to submit your project video but also needs to do documentation of it as well . you must have submitted a document created give a proper overview to it like introduction , device used ,software used ,steps for building project etc. but since i guess you can submit appear for test only once , am afraid there is not much you can do about it now.