Firmware updation

I’m having a bolt wifi module of firmware version 1.3.0, And i couldn’t update the firmware by dashboard. i seen so many questions here about it , but i didn’t seen a proper solution for it.
The update process didn’t start even after waiting more than five minutes.
i tried restarting the device and re login. what do i need to do to make it happen

Hi @naeemabullaise,

Could you reload the dashboard, and then go to the device info page of your device, and share a screenshot of the same with us?

of course …

2nd one

Hi @naeemabullaise,

We have checked the issue at our end, and the system is definitely working. The issue could be related to your Internet connection or your WiFi router. I have done this test personally with one of my devices, and the device stays in update mode for not more than 30 seconds.

Have you connected your Bolt WiFi module to your mobile hotspot, or to a Broadband based WiFi?