First IOT light sensing project

I have one problem about the value of the intensity,the value table shows the value1.2thousand at every time ,I can change the lights (even sun light and 36 w bulbs)but the value is constantly show 1.2 thousand at every 5minutes.The value change in hundreds when I cover the LDR on my fingre I take out my fingre in LDR ,The values again shows 1.2 thousand.please give the ideas to resolve the problem sir.


Try to change the time rate or vary the time rate from the drop down menu. Try to vary from 1 minute to 5 minute.

See that the variable you have selected are the same in both the code and hardware.

Try to link the product once more. You can fetch more results within a short span by clicking deploy code again and again.

See that the green and blue light is stable. AND THE LDR AND RESISTOR ARE NOT TOUCHING EACH OTHER.

Thank you so much for your reply. I link the device one more time but the value change hundreds only cover the LDR with my fingre. I take out my fingre that LDR shows the table value 1.2thousands again of each time interval (vary 1to5 minutes).

The value will change if u place ur ldr in a room with very dim light and then place it in bright sunlight .That very time u will observe the change in ur record.u don’t need to cover ldr jst to change the values.

@kmuthukumarece1998 try changing the resistance value to 330(orange orange brown)ohm instead of using 10k ohm resistor this will solve your problem as I had the same problem and solved it by changing the resistance so try this.

Thank you so much for your reply

@ravinash934 thank you so much for your information,I try this method.

@ravinash934 this method is worked.Thank you so much for your information.