First IOT Project : I am getting 1.02 thousand value in the table of LDR

Dear Sir,

I have connected the ldr and 10 k ohm resistor on BOlt IOT …

I have followed all steps of linking product to device but still…

I have written the code plotChart(“time_stamp”,“light1”);

But i am getting 1.02 thousand value each time…

I have done it for two times.
But still i am getting same values…

i also followed instruction for troubleshooting but unable to resolve the problem…



Try to change the time rate or vary the time rate from the drop down menu. Try to vary from 1 minute to 5 minute.

See that the variable you have selected are the same in both the code and hardware.

Try to link the product once more. You can fetch more results within a short span by clicking deploy code again and again.

See that the green and blue light is stable. AND THE LDR AND RESISTOR ARE NOT TOUCHING EACH OTHER.

I have resolved the problem by connecting a different resistor…

I have taken care of all the above points that you mentioned…

But thank you so much for your reply…



Connect accordingly You will Get correct Value at GPIO A0

As continuously the amount of light detected will be same the value doesn’t change.
The amount of light falling on to the sensor will change the value.

Hey!! I had the same problem too. Try to cover the LDR with your finger and then press the button “push to cloud” and remove your finger. This will give the proper values of intensity.


Dear sir,
I have changed the resistor values and all the trouble shooting steps in the first IoT project but still I am getting the values 1.02thousand and if I try to cover it with my finger,the values are raising to 68,70 and some times 300… please help me regarding this issue.

Hello @mayuripopat.ce . I have also got the same value during my project session. At that time I have tried by changing the light( for example previously I have checked by 100 watt bulb then I have checked by 25 watt bulb).Then the value changed.So for your case also, I think value will change if you try by using
light source of different power.

I hope my lines will help you to solve your issue.
All the best for your career and enjoy the training on bolt.

Hey there,
At first I also faced the same problem but when the LDR senses light of different intensity produced by a lamp source or anything of that sort you can see the variations…you can even try using your torch in Mobile phone or the device can be placed in sunlight so that you can collect data at the specific time interval that you’ve mentioned while make sure that the LDR is receiving light of different intensity… I’ve also uploaded the data I’ve collected through this project so you can have a clear view on how does it work. Thank you

@mayuripopat.ce even I was facing this issue at first attempt then I changed the resistor with resistance value 330 ohms(orange orange brown) then I got different values for different intensity of light so try this.

If you are receive same output in ldr then try to change our ldr location where you are installed, and go on your bolt iot cloud account->Devices->click on deploy configuration icon.
after that click on view this device icon.
and check the diff readings, this process is enough to get diff readings to different locations.