First IOT Project

My question is that what does the values that we are getting in the project actually mean. What is the unit of the values.
Also do we have to always click on deploy configuration again and again to get our values.

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Hi @aanchalachal,

I believe that you are referring to the values logged to the Bolt Cloud for the light intensity monitoring project.

Here the values which are logged to the Cloud are the output of the ADC present in the Bolt WiFi module.

The values themselves do not have a unit, as they are a number.

But if you consider that the ADC converts voltage input to the module to a number, then the unit for the value can be considered to be 1/1024 Volts, ie 0.9765 mv.

You do not need to keep clicking on the deploy configurations button to have the Bolt WiFi module send new data to the Cloud.
The module will automatically send new data at the end of the time period configured in the hardware section of the product configurations. (This is typically 5 minutes)

If you notice that the Bolt WiFi module is not updating the data at the end of 5 minutes, then please it is quite possible, that your module is running an older firmware which had a bug.
Please use the instructions given in the following link to update the firmware, and the system will start working as expected.

The values represent the intensity of light in terms of Milli volts and if I click on deploy configuration again and again then your graph will be updated for every deployment you give

If in the table which is generated at an certain interval of time. If in a table I analyze the max value is 1.05k and the min value be 512. Then the max Intensity of light which fall is max is 1.05k and the min Intensity of light which fall is 512. Is this will be the correct way to analyzing the variation?

Yes,the light intensity variation it depending upon the different places.please put the screenshot of your light intensity table for more details