First twilio trail number

Hi everyone I am unable to get my first twilio trail number or purchasing it is the only way to get the trail number
let me pls know the way how it exactly works
Thank you!!

Hi @nandika062003 ,

On your twillio dashboard go to
Phone numbers>Manage>Active Numbers under the Develop section

You must find an option to get a trial number there.

If you don’t find it, please let me know.

sir, I tried this way and i cannot view any number

@nandika062003 ,
I checked regarding this, you need to buy a number, but you don’t need to pay anything! You already have $15.50 of trial balance, the cost for the number will be deducted from this balance. Just buy any number you want, they start from $1.

@nandika062003 please go to home page and click on My First Twillo Account Dashboard and scroll down you can see your number there