For help regarding training

Hello , i am prashasti dixit and i registered for iot and MLT training on 26jan 2021 . I am a cse branch student and i actually registered only because of mlt topics but there is not more data for mlt and it is actually for it or electronics student .
As by mistake , i registered in it so , i can’t learn anything from this , and it is too difficult to learn this . My exams were there so , i didn’t login at that time, but i login in it 3 days before and it is so far from my syllabus .
Please help me and i want my refund , i am not satisfied with this training .
I will be highly grateful to you
Thank you
prashasti dixit

Defnitely, officials from BOLT have to reply on this but here is my view.
IoT is an interdisciplinary subject involving branches of engineering like Electronics (in hardware, sensors) CS ( in coding, web development, cloud computing, data science, AI & ML), Electrical in connecting with household and industrial equipment as well as Mechanical and Industrial or Production Engineering.
I believe IoT is a course for CSE students in various universities , you may get in touch with your seniors or your professors or just have a look at your B.E. programme syllabus of various semesters.


As per our refund policy, we generally allow a full refund until 10 days after you have made payment.

Since it is been more than a month since you made the payment you are not eligible for a refund.