For how many days can i watch the boltiot course?

i started it on 22nd nov2021


You have the training course for your lifetime. You can access it any time you wish, and you can stream it from any device, laptop/PC, or Mobile phone.

The access to the training course will be for lifetime. But I would suggest you to try and complete your training within 4-6 months and dont prolong it . Prolonging the course further will tend you to forget the basics and you will end up spending more time in learning the basics again than to learn something new.

As the others have answered, you get lifetime access to the course. You can watch it at your convenience. I would suggest you start it at a time when you know you would be free for a month or two so that you can complete the course in one stretch, instead of watching a few videos now and some after two weeks or so. This was the suggestion I received when I had started my course.

The course has life time access that is the best part like if I need help any time I can directly access the course for my project any time , it has been 3 years since I took this course and it is worth every penny