For not get certificate from boltiot

I am done my certificate exam before 6 day for bolt iot program but i didn’t get any certificate from bolt iot yet

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Hi Shashank! It is mentioned in the Bolt IoT training platform that the Certificate will be sent to your Email ID within 7 working days. I am assuming that you might have checked your Email for the certificate. You may also check your Spam folder in case it may have automatically been transferred there.
Also, I think that the impact of COVID-19 may have slowed down the overall working of the firm and hence may take a bit longer than the mentioned time of 7 working days.
I hope this answer might have helped you and I hope that you receive your certificate soon.
Best regards.

He Shashank you get an certificate of completion for an bolt course. Try to solve as much as you learn from course and improve the skills In it and ml.