Forget the training access password

Sir I have change my system and I am unable to excess training as I forget my training access password (password was entered automatically in my previous system ). and there is no option for reset password .how can I get back to training

Are you sure that’s your email ID?

yes sir I am pretty sure. That’s what i used to login to excess

Can you access your emails? Search for emails from

i can’t get email from that ID. That’s ID was for excess training.

my email ID that I used to login BOLTIOT is

@rahul.singh1 Sir may help you by resetting the password. Or you can email to regarding this. They will assist you with the access.

@mohdamaan2805 before moving on with how to reset the password. As you are saying that your password was auto-feeded when you were using the old system. This means that your password must be saved in your gmail account. Say you have logged in using in your old machine then if you are using the same gmail id in your phone (or any other device) then go to google chrome browser and click on the password. The password must have been saved in the Password section inside the Settings.

Google Chrome -> Settings -> Password ->

If still you are not able to see the saved password then you can easily reset the password as the training can be accessed through the sso.teachable platform. So follow these steps to reset your password:

Step 1: Head over to
Step 2: Click on Login
Step 3: Click on Forgot Password

Then you can wasily reset your password. I hope your query will be solved :slight_smile:

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Means now you can’t access the id? Did you forget password of gmail id or what?

that’s the ID that I used to excess training .It wasn’t my gmail ID.
And when I use my gmail ID it shows u don’t have account on this ID

Write an email regading the same issue to , you must have reported the same issue earlier bacuse you were using an email id which was not yours

Brother how you have used the email id having a domain of, ?

Hi @mohdamaan2805,

I have deleted your account from Please create a new account on using your email by clicking on the Signup button.

Do let me know after creating the account, I will add you to the training manually.

Sorry Sir for late reply. I have created that last night but unable to respond as I’ve reached the maximum number of replies .

let me know when you add me

Hi @mohdamaan2805,

I have added you in training. Please visit and login with your email id and you will be able to access the training.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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