Forgotted the hotspot password , steps needed to reset it

Setup of wifi bolt module was done. But unfortunately the password of the mobile hotspot on which the bolt wifi module was linked is forgotten, the module is showing blue light (wifi is not connected ) . Please specify me the required steps and procedure to link the module with the hotspot so that i can continue my course. Please reply asap.

To connect wifi module you need two mobile phones and then follow the steps given below.
1.Download Bolt Iot app in first phone.
2.Start the wifi module by supplying power using USB cable. The blue LED starts blinking slowly which indicates wifi module is transmitting its hotspot for connection for setup.
3.Turn off internet in first phone and turn on the wifi.
4.Select the bolt hotspot.
5.When your phone got connected with wifi module’s hotspot the blue LED will blink faster.
6.Turn on hotspot in second phone.
7.Open Bolt iot app connect the wifi module with second phone’s hotspot by following the steps described in app.
8.When the setup is completed the blue LED will become stable and stop blinking.
9.If the internet connection of second phone is on along with hotspot then the green LED which indicates internet connectivity of wifi module will glow and become stable.
10.The green LED indicates that the BOLT wifi module got internet connectivity and also got connected with BOLT CLOUD.
11.If the internet connection is off in second phone then your wifi module is connected with the second phone’s hotspot but does not have internet connectivity.So turn on the internet of second phone.

Actually i have previously setted up the bolt module, so the module is already linked to that email id , again setting up will do the things right?
I’ll give it a try , thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! It has worked and i am able to continue my course!

First, unlink your Bolt Device from your account. See: .
Then, your Bolt app will stop showing that device. Then simply follow the steps on the app to add a new device. See: