🎟 FREE LIVE Workshop on Saturday, 27th November, 2021

Hi everyone, I am here to announce that I am conducting a live workshop on :date: 27 Nov 2021 (Saturday) at 6 pm :watch:.

Registration Link: https://lu.ma/x2sthte6

In this workshop, I will be sharing my experience and details on how I built a Hardware + Software project which efficiently and interactively eliminates the water management problem.

The title of the project is Wheels4Water (Let’s paddle away from the water management issues). It majorly includes two sections first being Arduino based stationed part and the second being Nodemcu based robot. For this project I have made:

:one: Customized Bolt cloud dashboard
:two: Nodemcu based robot equipped with a load of sensors
:three: A fully functional dynamic website that eases the work of user

There are many other functionalities of the project. I am not dropping any other functionalities of the project, register for the workshop and see yourself :blush:

The :one:-hour session will be an interactive one in which I will be covering various topics like:

  1. Serial communication between python and arduino (retrieving and sending data from communication port to a device and vice versa).
  2. Understanding the actual & correct working of many sensors like Water flow sensor, TCS3200 Color Sensor, IRF540 MOSFET, and a lot more.
  3. Detailed explanation of how to interface the Nodemcu with ESP8266 Motor Driver Shield.
  4. Use of Integromat scenarios to fetch/upload data over the internet.

Hold on :roll_eyes:, I will also walkover through the major difference between Event-Based Programming & what generally people write, so that next time you can write neat and elegant code :woman_technologist:

I know it’s hard to concentrate on an hour-long session, but don’t worry I have taken care of that also. Apart from clearing your doubts all through the session, there is a surprise :confetti_ball: for the participants who will be attending the session with full concentration.

A quiz will be there at the end. And guess what, in the name of surprises I will not be giving any shout-out or appreciation to the Top 3 winners. Instead, the Top 3 winners will be receiving $100 DigitalOcean Credit, $50 Twilio Credit, and many other coupons for making their journey of becoming a good developer easy and exciting.

So, guys don’t miss this workshop. Register for the workshop.

Note: Guys please try to circulate the Registration link within your friend’s circle so that more and more participants can join the session.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Looking forward to an exciting 1-hour of the live session. I guarantee you that you will love the session :+1:

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@PPV @rahul.singh1 @yeshwant.naik sir, please pin the post globally so that every student visiting the forum can see this post at the top and thus can register :grinning:


I’ve pinned your post but changed the Topic Name. You can keep whatever content you wish to keep inside the Post.

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Thanks @akshayan.sinha . Glad that you pinned the post. Thanks for making the title more apt :grin:

Guys, register for the workshop. It will be an interesting one :+1:

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Seems exciting. Definitely registering for the session. Looks like an exciting one :tada:

Hi. Dear students, related to bolt and inventrom. Register for the workshop session on 27 Nov 2021.

The link is here: Learn to build a Smart Water Management System - Zoom

Register for the sesison . It’s only 7 days away :grinning::+1: