Frequency modification for buzzer

this are the modification i have done. but here is the problem i am facing is the i am not getting output for 3rd button will you help me ? for knowing what going wrong here?

missing semicolon… check again

right after ‘222’);" this one line

@Devendra hey i make changes but not getting result

It’s the only mistake in code…
please check carefully… do not forget to refresh page or close it and restart after saving code.

kindly close the all three tabs which already open “Bolt IoT Platform”
or refresh it.

the mistake is within the code
correct the 3rd line like will get the output
In the 3rd line you have wrongly typed the analogWrite and missed the semicolon

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As suggested ma’am there are some errors in your code, please correct it. If still you can’t make the buzzer beep, check if you have not connected the resistor with buzzer. We don’t use resistor with buzzer. The positive pin of the buzzer alone goes in GPIO 0 and the negative pin goes in GND which is ground pin. I hope your issue is solved.