Gauge Chart is not showing any readings

Though while typing the code for gauge chart didn’t show any kind of error or ‘crosses’ on the side, after deploying and refreshing the graph page, alert message is showing:-
" Please check the plotChart() function in your product code
Undefined variable name light_data".
This message is still there even after copy-pasting the code given.
Can someone please help cause it’s not showing any readings on the gauge? It is fixed on 3
Also my setAxisName type is same as variable name

can you share your
variable name and code

@mani2474695 This is the code sir
setChartTitle(‘Gauge Chart’);
setDimensions(400, 400);
setGreen(250, 500);
setYellow(501, 725);
setRed(726, 1023);

in library type write ‘google-chart’ at place of “google-chart” that you have written

it is still showing the same error

have you saved the code and deployed configuration
if problem remains the see this lnk

sorry, but still stuck with the problem

show me the pic of hardware configuration part

this is my code it is working

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Thanks a lot :grin: it is working. But it makes me wonder why just changing variable name from ‘light_data’ to ‘light’ made it work. the doc doesn’t mention about such anomaly.

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beacuse light_data was not your variable name
your variable name was light
light -data was your product name
hope you understand the diffrence between product name and variable name