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Can anyone please suggest me a project related to medicine

I am believing you are looking for some healthcare related projects , as i don’t clearly see a link between medicines and IoT as yet.
Go through this link . I hope you find out what you are searching for. And do not forget to choose the difficulty level there , as i have pasted the link for beginner projects.
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You can make a project related to monitoring patients’ health, like a bluetooth-enabled weighing scale and blood pressure cuff, together with a symptom-tracking app, to send updates to patients’ physicians on symptoms and responses to treatment or a Glucose Monitor that helps diabetics to continuously monitor their blood glucose levels for several days at a time, by taking readings at regular intervals and send data on blood glucose levels to an app on the phone or watch, allowing the wearer to easily check their information.

IoT devices tagged with sensors can be used for tracking location of medical equipment like wheelchairs, nebulizers, oxygen pumps and other monitoring equipment which can be useful in hospitals. You can make a project on these lines connecting IoT and medicine

Using Bolt Iot , we can make many projects related to medicine. Here is an easy and interesting project using Bolt Iot in medicine :

Get Notified by Email and SMS When Your Pulse Is Abnormal

Refer the below link to get full information about the project!

I completed this project by referring the above link and it works fine for me!
Thank You !

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