Get digital signal from Bolt IoT after Razorpay payment and transfer signal to arduino to activate the relay for 3seconds

I have used integromate to intergrate Razorpay and Bolt IoT. I want from Bolt that once the payment is received the Bolt should give a High Pulse to a digital pin and it will be connected to the auduino Uno digital pin. I want the Bolt to give single pulse to Arduino. How to do this, can you please help me?

Hi @588ahmadsajjad,

You want to create a setup where:

  1. Razorpay notifies Integromat when a payment is received.
  2. Integromat triggers Bolt IoT to send a high pulse to a digital pin.
  3. The digital pin from Bolt IoT is connected to an Arduino Uno, and you want to receive a single pulse on a specific digital pin on Arduino Uno when the payment is received.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to achieve this:
1.Set up Razorpay Integration with Integromat:
Create a scenario in Integromat that listens for new payments on Razorpay using their API.
When a new payment is received, trigger the next step.
2. Integrate Integromat with Bolt IoT:
In Integromat, create an action that triggers a Bolt IoT event.
Use the Bolt IoT API to send a command to trigger a high pulse on a specific digital pin on your Bolt device.
3. Configure Bolt IoT to Send a High Pulse:
Set up your Bolt IoT device to respond to the event triggered by Integromat and send a high pulse to a specific digital pin.
4. Connect Bolt IoT Digital Pin to Arduino Uno:
Physically connect the digital pin on your Bolt IoT device that sends the high pulse to a digital pin on your Arduino Uno.
5. Configure Arduino Uno to Receive Pulse:
Write an Arduino Uno sketch (program) to read the digital pin connected from Bolt IoT and react accordingly when it receives the high pulse.

Here’s a simple Arduino sketch to read the pulse on a digital pin (e.g., pin 2) and react to it:

const int boltPin = 2;  // Digital pin connected to Bolt IoT

void setup() {
  pinMode(boltPin, INPUT);

void loop() {
  int pulse = digitalRead(boltPin);

  if (pulse == HIGH) {
    // Handle the pulse received from Bolt IoT
    Serial.println("Received a pulse from Bolt IoT!");
    // Add your desired actions when a pulse is received
    // e.g., turn on a specific LED, perform a certain action, etc.

  delay(100);  // Delay for debounce or stability

Ensure you have the necessary libraries and tools set up for programming your Arduino Uno.

By following these steps and modifying the Arduino sketch to suit your specific needs, you should be able to achieve the desired integration and receive a single pulse on your Arduino Uno when a payment is received through Razorpay.