Getting console errors

M getting error while i run my code on console present in the inspect option .The variables are not getting displayed.


Can you be more specific? And which training are you enrolled in?

Yes sure,m enrolled in IOT and ML TRAINING program,and m currently doing the javascript part and got stuck at the console part in which i have to write and run my program on chrome.whenever i tried to run my programe it show error.

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Which javascript function are you stuck in? Can you attach images of the error you’re getting.

Also, send the code you’re implementing.


Hello world is a string, and not a function/variable.

Correction - console.log(“Hello World”);

When we declare a variable name, as “Shivalik”. Then the string Shivalik is stored inside name variable.

Even in console, mention it in terms of a string.
Correction - alert (“Hello World”)

Let me know if you have any other queries.

That work.Thank u akshayan sinha

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