Getting error in Arudino code

hi@akshayan.sinha here i’am attaching the screenshot of code.


You need to use Arduino IDE to run arduino code. There, you’ll be able to compile and upload to the Arduino Board.

using Arduino IDE only, i got this error


I recommend you to download and use a regular Arduino IDE from

I cannot help you with other MOD versions of the IDE. Your issue could be because of the unavailability of the Ultrasonics library. Or, maybe the functions are not being able to be understood.

As mentioned in the error statement, the issue is INTERNAL, so could be something wrong with the application.

Let me know once you have tried the installing the original version.

getting this, what i have to do?

Now, you have to upload your code to the Arduino board that you are using. As you are using the Arduino Web IDE, you need to connect the Arduino board to your computer then follow the steps as given in the link below:

It would be much easier to compile and upload your code to the board if you just download the Arduino IDE as mentioned by @akshayan.sinha


On the top, in the drop down menu , select your board, and upload the code by clicking on the [] button.

You are recommended to use the Arduino IDE Software by installing it in your computer. Instead of using the Web IDE. To use Boltiot library along with it as well.