Getting error in final submission link

i have submiited the final project for the review on Log In ‹ Bolt IoT project submission — WordPress
but when i copied the project link given the following section and opened it in the new tab …it is showing “page not found”. so should i paste the same link in exam?

@rsp20extc once you are done with drafting your project’s documentation then just click on the Preview button.

Then a new tab will open, copy that url from the preview tab. That link you have to share in the exam. And if you try to open that link it will show Page Not Found, but the evaluators will be able to see the documentation.

So do that and you are good to go for the final test :+1:

Okyy!! thank you so much @vishalvats2000 .

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Bro can u please tell me which link I need to copy the upper one right before ‘Last part of URL’ or below ‘Last part of URL’?

Hi @shivalikyougal392 . When you are done with drafting your project, click on Preview Button to see your finished documentation on a new tab. From that tab, copy the entire url address and that is what needs to be submitted in the final test.

That link won’t be publically live but the bolt team’s members can view it and grade your project accordingly. More importantly even after giving the exam if the team finds some fault with the link they may reach back to you regarding the same.