Getting error in output of bitcoin system

I doing this using LED and BUZZER,what my concept is ,when selling price greater than input the led should glow and when it is less than input,the buzzer should get activate.
But,I getting error after entering selling price,below are screenshots for my code and output where Igetting error.

Please help me friends,I am stcking here from past 15 days.
I already posted my queries more than 5 times.But no body is giving exact solution.

In both “if” and “elif”, condition is same “market_price<sell_price”.


To debug your issue, just after the below line , add a print statement

url  = (,JPY,EUR".format(currency.upper()))
print (url)

Copy the same URL and enter in the browser and check if you are receiving the data. If you receiving the data, it means the URL is correct.

Now let us check if something is wrong with your ubuntu itself, to check that open python console.

sudo python3

Then in python console, write the below code line by line -

import requests
url = ",JPY,EUR"
response  = requests.request("GET", url)

It should show output as below. If you are getting any error here, it means something is wrong with your ubuntu packages.

To resolve the ubuntu packages issue, exit from the python terminal by typing exit()

And then in ubuntu terminal type the below command.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-dev

And then check if your program is running properly.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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No friend,I not get output,I resolved my ubuntu packages as you said,but also it is showing the error again.
below are the screenshots of my code and output.

Please give me solution to solve this friend.

I changed that,then also I getting the error.Below is screenshot

Please give me exact solution friend

Try this


It’s not a coding issue. I think its an OS-level issue.

Check if you are able to ping any site from your ubuntu OS by typing the below command.



curl -v

and then send me the screenshot of the output.

Also, add verify=False in the request url.

For example:

 response  = requests.request("GET", url, verify=False)