Getting error like "You Have been rate Limited"

While I made analogWrite program for Led using python in Ubuntu shell, I got error while executing python file. The error was “You have been rate limited, try after 5 hours : 49 Minutes: 1 seconds”.error

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Yaaa in bolt we have limit to use API request
Like for 1 minute we should send Oly 20 request not more than that. If you did it more than 20 request in a minute. You will be blocked for 6 hrs…

You can also unblock your API once by the link sent on your email by bolt. But after that you can’t. You have to wait for 6 hours.


If you are working on something important you can mail it to them on and request them to provide you API access.
You can always refer to such doubts on Docs section of Bolt Cloud
Link :
You can also upgrade to premium version of Cloud with monthly charge of Rs 50

But only once allowed not more than once…

This type of problem can be solved by subscribing to cloud pro ,which offers a limit of 240 API hits in a minute which is 12 times that offered in free plan(20 API hits)

Can we generate a new API key and use it? If not do we actually need to wait for 5 hrs?

No, if you want you can upgrade your account to cloud pro. where in you will get around 240 API hits per minute.