Getting error on "Sending an SMS when Temperature Crosses Threshold"

`![Screenshot%20(34)|690x388](upload://KwCVjESQtmltZGEOSkiBmXxxe2.png) ![Screenshot%20(33)|690x388](upload://tLbccXsRoPHG23xYNT6yls0G4FU.png) 

I am getting error while running the code. the screenshots of error and code is here

Can you please elaborate the problem and attach a proper screenshot?

i have shared the screenshots . please check it out

remove that part i=0 and while i<5:
instead of that write while true:

this is not going to remove error.
i used ‘while i<5’ condition because i want this loop to run only 5 times.

I think you have crossed the 20 hits of your API access in a min which means that u have collected 20 temp values in a min.
To avoid this just increase your time.sleep by 30 secs👍.
I hope this helps you.

Thanks sir, it works.