Getting error while running code for mailgun

Refer to this solution -

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code is runn9ng fine bt enable to receive mails…

Your mailgun API is wrong. Send a snap of your here. Delete it, once I reply to the thread.

Where from did you get ‘email protected’? Which module are you following?

I have mentioned in the last topic about this -

Click on the post and follow this format.
Your SANDBOX_URL, SENDER_EMAIL is incorrect.

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my one friend suggested that. After following your suggestion i corrected that code is running bt still enable to receive email.

Check your spam/junk of your mail.

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Thank you. I have received email now

bt can i change that messege. It is my mailgun id showing there. If i want to show some messege then how can i do that

Put this above print statement of mailgun response

response_email = mailer.send_email ("This is your Subject","This is your Body")
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