Getting long description in console. Unable to resolve this issue

ChatCompletion(id=‘chatcmpl-8gbI0cc2qphxucW3nI0Z37E0HKOPk’, choices=[Choice(finish_reason=‘stop’, index=0, message=ChatCompletionMessage(content=‘The 2020 World Series was played at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.’, role=‘assistant’, function_call=None, tool_calls=None), logprobs=None)], created=1705163808, model=‘gpt-3.5-turbo-0613’, object=‘chat.completion’, system_fingerprint=None, usage=CompletionUsage(completion_tokens=17, prompt_tokens=53, total_tokens=70))

The basic code was written provided by the software anyway. I had just inserted the key to my code.

It seems like you are trying to built your personal chatbot using OpenAI GPT.
bofore you run this code , you have to install openai and import it in your code.
command- pip install openai
For more clarification, visit

I believe this will be of considerable assistance to you. If you have any further questions or require additional clarification, please feel free to ask.

Hi, I am using to run the code actually. And as I am new to this, I am facing issues at the site. I did go through the reference link you shared. I am still not able to fix this issue.

Hello @mihirkumarnayak546

Sorry for the delayed response. Can you share your code with us? This will enable us to rectify the error and guide you accordingly