Getting same reading of 1.02k in plant monitoring system

I’ve been trying every possible means by which i could get a different reading , troubleshooting, changing the environment, CHANGING THE RESISTANCE , adding on to a resistance but every time i get the same reading of 1.02 K . I even tried changing the LDR sensor but NO CHANGE VISIBLE. And for all i know this is a hardware fault. My bolt get connected to cloud , everything happens but the reading doesn’t come. I even tried it with out LDR, still reading remains the same i.e 1.02k.
I think the A0 pin is not able to sense the voltage.
I even contacted the bolt iot whats app contact number 8881197198 but didn’t recieved any help. In the beginning i used to get replies but now they’re not even replying. Please help me !!! I really need the perfect working hardware.
Looking forward to replace it with perfectly working device. Help me please @vinayak.joshi sir @divyani ma’am @pranav.pai.vernekar sir
Hardik Nagpal

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Hi @hardiknagpal.100899,

If you believe that the A0 pin is faulty, there is a quick way to test it.

Make connections as per the following
Gnd to 330ohm to A0 to 10K to 3.3v

Then click on deploy configuration on the Cloud to get an updated data point.

If you get a reading near 33 then the A0 pin is fine.

If you still get a reading of 1.02k please take a screenshot of the same and share it here.

Lets first ensure your Bolt WiFi module is fine, then I will give you further troubleshooting tips to solve the LDR issue.

Sir I’ve already done these things as you asked me on the mail. I am eventually getting the same reading of 1.02K.

This is the readings i obtained which portrays that i am getting the same readings even after following your steps…
Now please sir, please help me with the replacing option. The A0 pin is faulty. I request you to help me.

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@vinayak.joshi Please help me to look forward and go for an exchange of device. I really want to complete my internship as soon as possible. I’ve a master project ready for the same it’s just that theA0 pin is faulty

Sir, I am facing the same issue and after trying this I am getting a reading of 116.

Are the lighting conditions that you have kept the sensor in the same throughout your test duration? For eg. if the sensor is indoors, light from artificial sources can be a reason for this.
Try shifting the location of the sensor.

@vinayak.joshi Hello sir i am. Also facing the same issue of getting same reading everytime of 1.02k even after changing the intensity

Actually I was facing the same problem ,but then i came to know that the boltiot responds slowly…that if u wait for more like half an hour after that all the deployed configurations will have different readings according to the intensity.

Guys my device has been diagnosed as faulty. Now the bolt iot are arranging a replacement for the same.

I was also facing the same issue .
Then I tried the method to test if the A0 pin is faulty or not.(gnd to 330 ohm to A0 to 10K to 3.3V)

And now I m getting reading as 110
It is not very close to 33 but now I am not getting 1.02 thousand as reading.

Is this good ? Is the A0 pin in good condition?

Hi @aditya.acharya65,

Your device is working fine.
Please check the connections with LDR.
Make sure you do all the debugging steps mentioned in the course.

@vinayak.joshi I have done the connection as you have said (gnd to 330 ohm to A0 to 10K to 3.3V) but i am still getting the reading as 1.02k is my device faulty?

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Hi @vinayak.joshi

Thank you so much sir.

Hi @vprajwal99,

There is still a possibility of a connection issue.

Connect pin A0 to GND and get the value again. If you don’t get a low value, then take a video of the same and share it to Your video will be analized and based on the results you may get a replacement.

When connected to gnd it gives low values but for all other cases it gives only the value 1.02k

@hardiknagpal.100899 Hello, Because you have connected the 10k resistor to the LDR it is going to give a max of 1.02 thousand. But due to the lighting conditions, it may not respond quickly. The best way to trouble shoot is .

  1. Make sure that you have something to cover the LDR to make it dark, so that it gives varied values.
  2. click on the deploy option with in 10 seconds of gap with changing light situations. ( u can use ur smartphone flash light too)

My A0 pin of my device was faulty … now it has been replaced. Regards

I am facing the same issue !

try using 330 ohm resistor…even i faced the same issue and i tried with the 330 ohm resistor. Now i get varied values under different conditions