Getting wrong AI output

I am getting wrong output . My AI is telling me the wrong date.

Today is 19 march and it is telling me 25 and 26 October

@kumari.mansi003 Change the prompt from “Current date?” to “What is the date today?”. Please try this and see what response you get.

As I have completed my one module, I have tried asking it in a chat form but still it is not giving me the correct answer .

@kumari.mansi003 can you share your full code screenshot here. So that I can check.

Ya sure

Also to note that if I ask the same question to original ChatGPT it is telling me correct answer. Hare I am attaching the SS. Please tell me the reason asap.

Thank you

@kumari.mansi003 You can move the line 38 question = input() at the above line 23 and check if the code works.

Also in the next module we have taught you how to create a chatGPT style application. You can refer to that as well.

Hi @kumari.mansi003

This is actually a limitation of the OpenAI model. They are trained with data up to certain timeframes and do not have access to the internet.
You can read the community post which discusses the same.