Google cloud console vs digital ocean

I am unable to create a digital ocean account because I am not able use the credit card in their website. So I have used google cloud console for all the projects in google console

And my question is if any one is familiar with both the platforms. What is the main difference in the both?

Still now I haven’t faced any issues with Google shell. Just curious to know which one is best

If you want to use google cloud for its shell, you can use windows power shell or command prompt as well.

Digital ocean was provided as an option in the course, to use Ubuntu OS over cloud.

We can use Ubuntu in Google Compute Engine as well. But comparatively Digital Ocean is cheaper.(really cheap).

Bolt’s motive was to make the students familiar with linux based OS. So that in the future, if you’re using Raspberry Pi or any other mC for programming or making devices, you dont face issues with using the shell.

Other than this, all you’ll do is run python. Might as well use any Python IDE like VSCode, Anaconda Nvaigator etc.

Thanks @akshayan.sinha for clear explanation