GPIO pins not working how to replace module

No gpio pin is working no one is giving any kind of output I checked with multimeter no response from pin 0 to 4 using python code as well as bolt cloud only analog pin is working . Is module burned ? please help me


Have you tried using the button code from Bolt Dashboard?

Also, do share the code you’re trying to implement on python. We shall look into it.

I tried this code I also tried python code which is given in training module to turn led on and off , I thought may be pin 0 is not working so I changed the pin and found that none of the pin is working then I regenerate the api key and used that by editing the code then also it’s not working .
Only analog pin GND 5volt and 3.3volt pin is working


You mean the A0 pin is working fine?

Have you tried to check the voltage of 3v3 pin or tied to ground the 3v3 pin in any case?

Also, let me know the status of blue and green LED on you Bolt module. Are they stable or blinking or OFF?

Bolt led of bolt module is working fine

I checked the voltage using multimeter but it’s showing more than 3.3volt about 4 volt it’s showing


It is suggested to avoid hampering with the microcontroller as the 3v3 pin has a high current flow.

Also, do share below mentioned as well

I didn’t mishandled the controller

from boltiot import Bolt
device_id = “BOLTXXXXX”
mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id)
response = mybolt.digitalWrite(‘0’, ‘HIGH’)
print (response)

In place of xxxx I write api key and bolt device ID


What is the output you see on the terminal when response is printed?

Sir actually I tried several attempts so they put hold on microcontroller for 6 hours I don’t know what was that
I used this code then they put all GPIO pins on hold for 6 hours all pins are now working fine


Right. It is therefore suggested to either use a time.delay() function when using a infinite loop. Or, avoid using the while loop for testing.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Sir I’m making a project using ldr sensor and servo motor something like that when intensity is high then servo motor turns to 180 degree and when intensity is low it turns to 0 degree but not getting the idea to operate the servo I’m able to extract the data of ldr sensor but how to operate that servo motor and hold in that position unless intensity falls below certain value and again it holds to 0 degree unless intensity raise to certain value . I will be greatfull to you if you provide any sort of help in this


It is possible to use the servo function with Bolt when you have the Pro subscription. You can directly use the servo write function to control the servo motor then.

You can use if-else conditions to dedicate specific tasks for specific LDR analog inputs on the Bolt module.

You can visit where many students like you have taken sessions of different projects they have built. You can also take guidance from the where students have documented everything in the text format.

Let me know if you still have doubt on any of the functions with Bolt Module.