GPIO pins not working

hi,I was doing a project using bolt and a 4 channel relay module everything went well until the GPIO pin stopped giving signals.Pls help…

hi @arunpathayathodi,
try different code or use different GPIO pins

All 5 GPIO pins stopped working.

@arunpathayathodi You might have reached API limit. For normal users, you are allowed for only 20 clicks in a minute. To learn more refer : . In that case you will receive amail from bolt iot.
I hope this will resolve your problem. Please reply with a comment if you are happy. Happy learning : )

Thanks for the reply @arunkedu.So what should I do now? Reset API key?

@arunpathayathodi Are you not able to control pins right now?
You can upgrade to bolt pro and get 200+ clicks in a minute.
I can share a secret hope the people from bolt will not recognize :joy: , the thing is you can control GPIO 0 without connect module with a product. So you have no API limits here I believe. If you have only one product and if the UI is not a matter to be considered and if you need just on and off ,go by this.
If this helped you do thank me :grinning: and mark this as solution :blush:.

Thanks a lot man it really helped @arunkedu❤️

@arunpathayathodi Good to hear that. Happy learning : )