GPS connections with Bolt IoT

Connections for GPS receiver to Bolt. The GPS receiver is Skylab SKG13C. We are unable to arrange an appropriate vga type male output pin.
Does not resemble the actual structure, actual structure has only 9 output pins.
Link to the original product we have:

Hi @ashutoshnsharma,

Looking at the datasheet of the GPS module, I can tell with certainty, that it will only be possible to interface the GPS receiver with the Bolt WiFi module, by using some bridging controller to translate the communications.

For this, you will need a controller with at the least 2 UART ports.
I suggest using the Arduino Mega2560 board for this, because of it’s multiple UART ports.

To interface the GPS module with the Arduino Mega2560, you will need to install the NeoGPS library, mentioned in the following link

You will then have to interface the Arduino mega with the Bolt WiFi module via the following library.

With these two libraries in place and the code to support them, you can then choose to log the GPS data to the Bolt Cloud periodically or use the serial remote API to pull data from the device when you want.

You can look at the example code below, to learn how to program for both, into the Arduino

For logging the data to the Cloud, you will have to create a UART input type product, with 2 CSV variables (1 for latitude, and 1 for longitude)