GPS tracker using Bolt IoT

I am new to Bolt IoT. I have purchased this device for one of the project which requires GPS information.
But as per the data available, Bolt IoT does not connect with any GPS device directly. We need to use Arduino as an interface.
Can you please let me know if it is correct? And will there be any facility in future to provide GPS plug and play in Bolt itself.

@mishrasudhir1 The Bolt device does not connect to a GPS sensor out-of-the-box since the GPS device protocol is not supported by the Bolt device.
You will need an Arduino to talk to the Bolt device and the GPS sensor and send the GPS values to the Bolt Cloud.
I think @vinayak.joshi will be the best person to help you out in this regard.

Hi, i have interfaced GPS using Arduino to Bolt, but i am not sure how to read received data in Bolt, can anyone help?? @vinayak.joshi @shoeb.ahmed

Hi @sachinndhimann

Please go through the following post, and continue the discussion there, if you face any issues.