Graph not shown

sir i written the code same as you but the data not show the graph it show the table of the data

Please observe your code carefully.
Code should include setChartType() function,which is the main line of the code.
The format is setChartType (‘barGraph’) in your case

You need to type the code as below -
As your variable name is written as “light”, it will fetch data without any error.


You have used the wrong function, instead of setChartTitle() function, use setChartType(‘barGraph’)
setChartTitle() Function is used to give title to graph.
I hope you get it :slight_smile:
Feel free to respond in case any doubts

Check the variable name you entered . Example if your variable name is"light" you have write plotchart(time_stamp, light).If the variable name is correct then only it will fetch data. And don’t forget to deploy the code. Verify the docs present in bolt cloud ( You get a glance about the commands of graphs

Hi @deepakbatham572,

There is a typo in your code. It is plotChart but you have used plotchart.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hi @deepakbatham572,
There are two errors in the code.You have to use plotChartType() function in your code .
which in your case should be plotChartType(‘barGraph’). And the second error is in the last line of the code.i.e plotChart instead of plotchart. Please note that plotChart function is a fixed syntax and should be written as defined.
Hope this helps…

Hello @deepakbatham572,
As far as i can see there is a typo error in the code which you have shown:
You are required to use plotChartType() function but you have used plotchart. Always remember that plotChart function is a fixed syntax and has to be written as it is. It cannot be modified.

replace the code setChartTitle() to setChartType(). And if you want to give any name of your graph then add a code below the setChartLibrary(‘google-chart’), setChartTitle(‘name of your graph’) ;

The code must be like this
setChartTitle(‘Temperature Monitor’);