Green Led not lighting up

Hi I connected my bolt to my pc.The blue light kept on blinking when I connected it through mobile wifi through bolt app.But the green led never turned on.


Is your Bolt device connected and visible on your App?

Yes .It is visible on my android app.But when I take my PC it shows offline there.


Even when you plug in your Bolt Device, it does not change from OFFLINE to ONLINE? Was this the first time you connected your Bolt module to the cloud? does not change from offline to online .This is not the first time .I have connected it before.The blue LED keeps blinking and green doesnt turn on.


What I mean is, have you used your module earlier? Did you see the device go Online in the cloud?

Yes I have used it earlier but never seen the green led turn on


Answer this please.

Yes sir .Now I got it.The one I was trying to connect was old one.when I tried again by adding a new device it worked.The green light is on.problem solved.

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Did you see that your device is in online mode ?