Green light and Module Unresponsive

Respected Sir/Ma’am:

My module has both LEDs glowing (both blue and green) but, is not responding to any command or reading any input all of a sudden.
Also, all of a sudden sometimes green light glows sometimes it doesnt. In some cases, after unpowering and then, powering it again glows.

Kindly help.


Tunir Das

Check your inter may be sometimes it shows your network is connected but actually it doesn’t connected due to network issue.

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plz check your network,if it does not connected then check your network connection

Hello @tunirkv19,

If blue and green both lights are glowing It means your device is connected to the Bolt module. You can check your device status on the Bolt IoT app. this is the link for app download.
If it still doesn’t work unplug your device from the power supply and check your internet connection. and then plug it back.
I hope it should work!

There may be internet connection issue. Though you have connected to the internet, there is a possibility that there will be a network issue. Try reconnecting it.

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